How does Clickinside work?

There is just a few easy steps to let people inside your business on Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter.

We visit your business and take the photographs

Our professional Clickinside photographer visits your business and quickly takes one or more 360 degree sphere images of your premises using our specialised camera equipment. You are under NO obligation to purchase the images and there is NO call out charge.

View and choose your photographs

Our team upload your 360 degree sphere images to the Clickinside website. You will either be shown the images on site by the photographer, or will be sent a link to view your images online and pick the ones you want to use to best market your business.

Pay for your images and your ready to go

Once you have selected your images, we will upload them to Google Maps, Facebook, our website and Twitter. Your Clickinside images are now live and can be viewed by anyone searching for your business!

Clickinside spheres are accessible on Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Google Views and your web site.

Viewable on any device

Clickinside spheres can be viewed

on computers, laptops tablets and smart phones

Virtual walkthroughs

Multiple views can be linked together with “hotspots” letting your customers take a virtual browse around your business.

Ready to bring the world INSIDE your Business?