Be seen like never
before with Google


Prices from €60

Affordable for even the smallest business!

Business Street View allows customers to see inside and explore your store, hotel, restaurant, showroom or offices through an interactive virtual tour directly accessible from Google search results and Google maps.

With Google Maps Business View Virtual Tours, your visitors will love being in control of an incredible 360 degree interactive experience, that lets them connect with your business in a unique, vibrant, fun and engaging way.

Showcase your business online, bring it to life and allow your visitors to step inside and explore your business no matter where they find you on the web.

Turn your online visitors into customers, before they even arrive!

With a Google Virtual Tour you can show your customers what your business has to offer, show them what you do and how your business differs from your competitors.

You can creatively inform and educate your visitors about your business, whilst reassuring them that a visit to your business is worthwhile.

Virtual tours are accessible from Google Search, Maps, Google+ and can even be added to your web site and Facebook page.


Improved search results

Maximise the impact of your Local Listing in Google search results, with panoramic interior and exterior photographs linking to your very own 360 degree business virtual tour.

An eye catching advertisement which is key to driving potential customers to you.

Showcase in Google+

Maximise the impact of your Local Listing in Google search even further with Google +. We will assist you to get your business prominent on the results page which is key to driving even more customers to you. We will list your business on our Clickinside Google + page.

Explore In StreetView

Tour, Explore and Interact. With a virtual tour from Clickinside your customers can walk off the street into your business premises using Google’s 3D Street View technology, It’s just like being there!

Attract more customers

Independent studies have shown that having a Clickinside tour influenced the decision making process of consumers, with a staggering 82% of people saying that being able to visit a restaurant or hotel on Street View would be a deciding factor of their custom.

Clickinside tours can be viewed on computers, laptops tablets and on smart phones.


Virtual walkthroughs

Multiple views can be linked together with “hotspots” letting your customers take a virtual browse around your business.

How does Clickinside work?

There is just a few easy steps to get your business on Google Maps

We visit your business

Our professional Clickinside photographer visits your business and takes one or more 360 degree images of the premises using our professional specialised camera equipment. You are under NO obligation to purchase the photographs and there is no call out charge.

View and choose your photographs

Our team upload your 360 virtual tour images to the Clickinside web site. You will be sent a link to your tour images where you will be able to view them and choose the images you want to use to market your business on Google.


Pay for your photographs

Once you have selected your images, we will upload them to Google Maps where they will appear in search results and on Google Maps. Your Clickinside tour is now live and can be viewed by anyone searching for your business!

Your Clickinside photographs can also be linked into your

Facebook page and your own business web site at no extra cost.

Ready to bring the world INSIDE your business with Google?

Contact us today to arrange NO obligation Google tour of your business.

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